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What Happened To Izzinet

Just found out a Malaysia Internet Service Provider has closed for good. And that’s not a happy news. Izzi net is the best Malaysia wireless internet broadband ISP I have subscribed.

Its official website at is there no more. Prior to this, there is no announcement on their website, early notice nor any information were given to their subscribers. Their subscribers were left in the dark when there was no internet access at all (although the subscriber can still connected) for several days. Nobody is answering the customer hotline (the line is  still available).

After three days of calls with no reply, one of my friend went to its office in Menara Olympia, Jalan Raja Chulan and to his horror the company already winded up. Nobody in the office anymore except one man whose task there is to assist claim for any subscriber who still has subscription balance.

I have 28 days subscription left and look like my RM88 went down the drain, according to that man you can only claim for refund if your subscription balance is over one month.

Other ISP could be happy with this (less competitor) but it is not good for us, one less choice and competitor for ISP to compete with.

I have noticed a few internet disruption since early of 2011 and did suspect something is wrong. Even the official website haven’t been updated for so long and the last update I notice was in 2009.  My opinion is Izzinet didn’t spent much on marketing except probably in its first year (2007/2008) and that’s probably why their subscribers base didn’t increase much (while other ISP on marketing frenzy). Subscriber entry cost is higher for Izzi since you need to pay one whole year in advance and this could be a reason too.  Or maybe there is other deep problem that we may never know.  Anyway, I am sure many  big companies would be able to buy over  Izzi especially when Izzi already have the ISP licence and infrastructure.  (I am not sure of the financial sheet though.)

I mentioned earlier that Izzinet is the best wireless ISP provider I have subscribed. I will tell you why in my next post with the hope that we can suggest other ISP to adapt a certain aspect of Izzinet’s policy.

Adios to Izzinet, after so many years.

Any problem on refund:
Suruhanjaya Komunikasi & Multimedia Malaysia:
Hotline: 1-800-888-030

Jabatan Insolvensi
Tel: 03-8885 1000

Izzi  net parent company: (a Bursa Malaysia public listed co.)
I-Power Berhad
L4-E-11 Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-89968080

This could be the reason:
Silver Ridge Sdn. Bhd. through its solicitors has issued a statutory notice pursuant to Section 218(1)(e) of the Companies Act 1965 to Izzinet Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 732916-D) dated 7 November 2008 claiming therewith a sum of RM1,555,322.22 …… more here