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Speed Up Windows : Disable Auto Startup Program In Windows.

Stop unwanted programs from running at startup in Windows

Everybody want their computer to run as fast and smooth as possible. Many thing you can do by tweaking and setting configuration to Windows operating system.

If you don’t want to go tweaking many other configuration, the least that you can do is to reduce the number of start up program.

Don’t let unnecessary program to run all the time. Very likely there are several programs that run  automatically every time you switch on the computer.

1. See the icons on the right side of your windows taskbar.  See how many applications are running currently by looking at the icon. Or

2. Press the CTRL + ALT + DEL buttons simultaneously. Task Manager windows  will appear, see the Applications section. How many running applications listed there?

Maybe there are programs that you don’t need to run all the time. They will slow down your Windows because they use  RAM and processor resources. They also can slow down Window to load fully every time you start your computer.

How to set the application not to run automatically:

1. Configure program’s settings. Run the program (via normal start menu or the program taskbar icon) and select the option or any other configuration button. Normally the applications have an option  “start with Windows”. Just untick “start with Windows” option if you don’t want  them to run automatically.


2. Use Windows Msconfig utility. Click start and then  Click Run. Type “msconfig” in the box. A new window will appear (like the picture below), select the startup. View the list the start-up program. Untick the program you do not want to run automatically. Click “apply”. Then click “close”. Choose either to “Restart” Restart or Exit. “

After reboot, check that the application that you have unticked do not run anymore. Note that if needed, you still can run the application the usual way via start menu or desktop icon.
disable startup programs in Windows

Note: Make a habit to use the MSConfig utility. Especially you like to install many application to your Windows.  It  also can be used to configure Windows services. Setting your Windows optimally  also can speed up your computer windows tremendously. This will be discussed next time because it is important to know first which Windows Services is necessary (or not).