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Your Blogger Blog Gone Missing? Try These

What to do when your Google blogger (blogspot) blog gone missing, lost, marked as spam etc. This is how I got back my blogs.

Have you gone through the experience of your blog on Google’s blogger (blogspot) suddenly disappeared into thin air just like that? You keyed-in your blog URL in the browser but the blog just not there. All you got was this message “This blog is not  available”
get blogger back
I have experienced it twice, that for  two different Google account.

First case:
Google’s antispam-bot  acted funny by marking my blog as a spam blog. I am not sure how that be case. Anyway,  it was the crawler-bot not a human inspector, what you can expect? I think the reason was that it was a new blog and I was posting a lot in a week. On top of that, there were already several external site linked-in.

Solution: Go to and login as usual. See the list of blogs under your account and click the missing blog url. There should be a message saying your blog has been labeled by Google as a spam blog. Also, there should be a space for you to request  Google to re-check. Make sure you request  for Google to re-check. Tomorrow, repeat that.  Repeat every day if possible. I did it every 2-3 days.

How long does it take to settle? In my case took three weeks for my blog to be back in business. Finally.

Second case:
This happened  to another blog, gone missing too. But it was not due to been marked as spam blog. It something to do with Google account. Need verification. I feel alarmed a bit, that blog was over 5 years old.  In my opinion it shouldn’t be because I been blogging for five years and so far there were no problem. Imagine all the articles you had written in the 5 years period, gone just like that.

Screenshot of the page when Uncle Google asked me to verify:
google verification

Solution: Go to and login as usual. See the list of blogs under the account and click on the blog url is missing. A message should appear asking you to verify your Goggle account. Enter your phone number so that Google can verify that you are actually a human being not some kind of robot. You should receive a message from Google to your mobile phone within second. Just reply to that message.

How long does it take to settle? Within seconds. Just a matter of seconds after my reply, the missing blog back as usual. Phew.

That’s why, try not to use free blogger platform. Google can plug out your blog anytime which give you a bit of uncomfortable feeling.

Talking about verification by mobile phone, Google really superb at it. Really fast compare to Facebook which can take several days and you need to try it several time in several days.

Reproduced from my previous other blog articles.