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Get Awesome Audio Performance With This Software For Windows

Get this free audio performance software to get awesome sound from your PC.

The Bongiovi DPS Sound makes your music, movies and video games come alive

Bongjovi DPS Sound works as a virtual sound card for your computer, works with your hardware sound driver seamlessly to give you awesome sound from your PC, be it using media player, apps or VOIPs.

What I like about Bongjovi DPS Sound is that it system-wide application and so you get impressive sound coming from your PC be it while using media player, apps, VOIP or watching video on Youtube.

Previously there is no free version Bongiovi DPS Sound available although you can get free trial but recently the developer make it available for free. It is a free version but there is only a tiny difference from the paid version. I supposed there are more features coming for the paid version. For now. download free Bongiovi and enjoy the awesome sound and music  coming from your PC. Note that the free version is available until January 2017 so go download soon..

Features Highlights Bongjovi DPS Sound

Care for your hearing: Interesting feature is DPS H.E.A.R.,  an application of the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology that allows for clear, satisfying sound at healthier volume levels. Because of the unique way DPS processes loudness and frequency information, headphones or ear buds do not need to be turned up as loud for an enjoyable listening experience.
This a a unique technology feature with Bongiovi that I love that I can't find with any other audio enhancing software especially I use headphone a lot.

Bass and Treble – These easy-to-use bass and treble controls allow you to create the tone that is perfect for you. Click and drag the circle up or down to increase or decrease the effect.
If you are using the PRO version  you may also move the circle left and right to change the Bass and Treble frequency for even more customization.

Experince awesome sound from your computer now with this audio enhancing software.  For more info amd to download Bongiovi for free, visit official site at: free Bongiovi SPS sound 
Available for Windows (support Windows 10) and Mac.