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100 GB Free Backup By Deego

Get 100 GB Deego Free Secure Backup

We encrypt all your files using military grade encryption and store multiple copies of each file. It doesn't get more secure than that! Your files are always ready to be recovered at anytime, from anywhere.

Never Think About Backup. Choose your important files and we take care of the rest.  Power off your computer and Degoo will resume your backup once powered on again. We detect any changes you make to your files and make sure your backup is always up to date.

Degoo is free, secure and simple.
Everyone needs backup. With Degoo you securely backup all your photos and other files that means a lot to you. We split, encrypt and securely store your files at more than 300 different places around the world. This protects them from even a nuclear bomb. Collect your space and get started with your backup within minutes. Your files are always ready to be downloaded at anytime, from anywhere.

Common Questions

How do I get free backup? By creating a free account. You get 100 GB backup space for free. You can also upgrade to Premium and get 2000 GB backup space and more.

Is Degoo secure?
Yes. We encrypt using 128-bit AES before splitting all backed up files into tiny encrypted pieces and spreading them across the globe.

Is Degoo reliable?
Yes. We store multiple copies of each file, to make sure it's always there when you need it. We're using Google's and Amazon's ultra secure data centers to store your files.

How can Degoo be free?
We've developed a new compression which enables us to store data at a much lower cost than our competitors. We're what Pied Piper had become if Hooli hadn't sued them. Previously we used to store the files using a P2P storage system but our efficient compression lowered the data usage enough to allow us use server storage instead.

It's like Dropbox, but not at all!
Degoo and Dropbox differ in several ways. Degoo is purely focused on backup and Dropbox is a more complex product with features like file syncing and file sharing. Focusing solely on backup enables us to create a truly awesome backup experience without any compromises. For instance:
It drastically reduces our server costs, which is why we can offer so much more space for free.You get up to 100 GB of free backup with Degoo compared to Dropbox where you start of with 2 GB. With Degoo you can select to backup as many folders as you like and you're not obligated to use a particular folder for your backup. You can even choose to backup your entire hard drive! With Dropbox you need to move all your stuff you want to sync or share to a specific "Dropbox folder".You don't have to worry about any bugs any the syncing causing data corruption. This is not just a theoretical issue. It happens from time to time with all services that offer both file syncing and backup in the same solution: We compress your data more efficiently and therefore use less of your bandwidth.
100 GB free storage

How to get 100 GB Free Backup By Deego

Visit Deego and create your Deego account. You will be logged-in automatically and prompt to download the PC software automatically. Alternatively you can create Deego account at Deego 103 GB to get 103 GB free backup.
You can get the Degoo app for Android at: Deego app for Android
Deego free backup
You can add more storage for free by inviting your friends to use Degoo. You will get 3 GB for each friend with 500 GB maximum limit.