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Free Legit License For Cyberlink YouCam

Download and get free legit licence key for YouCam 5 Standard (Original retail value US$34.95 ). All the WebCam and Camera Tools You Need For Work and Play.

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Cyberlink Youcam is a very popular webcam program to take full advantage of your webcam. With Youcam you get the tools to capture live webcam, tools to beautify face and tools to add fun effect for video chat an video.

Here are some of the awesome features of Youcam.

Add your personality with Visual Effects and Drawings
Hundreds of fun and interesting effects that can be applied to your video chats and video recording projects. CyberLink YouCam has many different visual effects that you can apply to your live webcam image. When applied, a user viewing your webcam instantly sees the effect. These effects are also applied to any photo snapshots or webcam video you are capturing at the time. Also with Face beautifying tools to touch up self portraits and skin smoothener for video

Taking Photo Snapshots and Capturing Video & Webcam
With CyberLink YouCam you can instantly take a photo snapshot of the current frame of the webcam video, or take a series of quick photos using the burst feature. Also YouCam you can capture a live webcam video, complete with effects, avatars, added gadgets, frames, filters, particles, distortions, or set in an applied scene.

Create Presentation Videos
Create custom presentation videos that include PowerPoint slides. YouCam lets you integrate an existing PowerPoint file into a video chat or recording session. Choose from a variety of screen layouts, and freely draw on the presentation slide when you need to highlight key messages.

Manage PC Access With Face-login and Face-out
Your face is the most reliable password.Y ou can also use the innovative Face Login feature to login to your PC and favorite websites! Face Login will remember your passwords, and log you into Windows when you present your face in front of the webcam.  Register your face with CyberLink YouCam’s facial recognition software, and use it to log in to Windows and sign in to your favorite web sites. Enable the Face-out feature and have your computer lock, sleep, or hibernate automatically once your face leaves the webcam image.

Stay on Watch With Surveillance Mode
With YouCam's motion detection technology, your webcam and PC function as home security system. You can also set up time-lapse recording, and YouCam will take a snapshot at the time interval set by you.

You can download the manual for Youcam 5 to check the details: Youcan 5 Manual (direct download)

Cyberlink Youcam free license key

How to get Cyberlink Youcam 5 free legit license key:

1. Visit this URL: Cyberlink Youcam 
2. Enter your name and email address and submit.
3. You will get the license key immediately.
4. Check your email for the download link and license key