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Get O&O Disk Image 9 Free License

O&O Disk Image is a backup software for Windows. It lets you back up an entire computer or single files whenever you want – even while the computer is being used. With set of powerful tools that useful for gamer and power users.

free O&O disk imageThis is something you probably know all too well: how suddenly important data can be lost as are result of a system crash or viral attack. O&O Disk Image is the ideal tool for quickly and easily taking the trouble out of such inconveniences! O&O Disk Image enables the convenient duplication or archiving of entire operating systems and individual disks. It even supports dynamic drives and RAID systems.

Create image files of your drives on a regular basis and you’ll be fully protected against data loss! You can customize the imaging methods to suit your own individual needs. Even a1:1 image of your system or user-defined images are possible. O&O Disk Image features many other options for creating and restoring images exactly theway you’d like. As a result of the special O&O Disk Image program settings, a substantial amount of computer performance is saved, allowing you to continue working on your PC parallel to the imaging!
VirtualizationO&O Disk Image will help you create and edit your own virtual machines.
Restoration & Storage
O&O DiskImage enabling you to store your backup images on outside media such as an external hard drive, CD or DVD. Includes compression and encryption functions.
CloningWith O & O Disk Image enabling you to create images of complete disks and partitions for backing up and cloning the disk contents.
Create Boot Disc
Ability to make a Windows boot disk from within the program itself. How to get O&O Disk Image free license

How to get O&O Disk Image free license

1. Visit O&O Disk Image Free Promo and enter your email/ Wait for email to complete the registration.from. 
Note: Due to the many requests for this action, the creation of personalized license may take longer.
O&O disk image free license
2. Download the English version of the software at:  Download O&O Disk Image
3. Install and use the O&O Disk Image license key send to your email to register.
You can download the user manual at: O&O Disk Image 9 Manual