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The Largest Free Cloud Storage Space On The Internet

Get Over 36 TB free cloud storage. This is the largest free cloud storage space provided by a single provider you can get.

You might be interested to now the company behind it before you committed your data. The service is provided by Qihoo 360 

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd., or Qihoo 360, is a software company known for its antivirus software (360 Safeguard, 360 Mobile Safe), Web Browser (360 Browsers), and Mobile Application Store (360 Mobile Assistant). It was founded by Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong in June 2005.Qihoo 360 had 450 million users for its Internet Security products and 207 million users for its Mobile Antivirus products as of December 2012. 

ynpan 360 interface.

Now, here’s the problem. The website is Chinese and the apps also in Chinese.  I read somewhere that an app in English is coming but I am not sure when.  Anyway, the web interface is easy to understand just by using Google translate tools. To make it easier for you to start using Yupin, below are the instruction with translated screenshot:

Go create an account an account at Yunpan.
Here the create an account page screenshot (translated):
yunpan360 signup page

36TB cloud storage
That’s pretty easy and once created you will see that you have 36TB space in your account. You can still get extra 10 TB by download and install its Windows client apps. Here is the software download link for it's Windows client apps: Wangpan Setup

On top of that, you will get additional 26TB of space by installing it mobile apps, Androids apps or iphone. Here are the download links:

largest free cloud storage

On top of that you can get more additional space by doing simple tasks like uploading file or by.inviting your friend to sign up with Yunpan.  To invite you friends you can go this page: Invite friends

Yunpan 360 also has standard features like data encryption, support 10 GB large fike uploads, group filesharing etc but one feature that stand out is its automatic backup feature. Enjoy.