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Get Free 100 GB Cloud Storage

With 100 GB of storage of storage, that is a massive free cloud storage offer by Surdoc. With Yunio now doesn't give free plan anymore, Surdoc stands out among cloud providers that give free storage. 

Note: Yunio previously give out 100 GB of storage for free but now you need to upgrade to paid plans to use it.

free 100 GB cloud storage by Surdoc

Surdoc great features:
TruPrivacy™ encryption. This encryption method uses the file itself as the encryption key, so only you have it. Nobody can view your files but you – not a hacker who has full control of the cloud company’s server, not the government if your files are subpoenaed, not even the cloud company’s own employees. No worries about forgetting your password and losing your data forever.

VisiDocs. Without converting the actual file, documents are converted into images called “VisiDocs” for display in the SurDoc viewer. This makes them display beautifully across devices without losing their original look and formatting.

Add more storage. You can add more storage for free (up to1 TB) by completed some simple tasks: like sharing Surdoc. Below are the simple tasks you can do:

list of tasks to add free storage to surdoc

About Surdoc:
Headquartered in Milpitas, California, SurDoc is the technology leader of secure, cloud-based storage and document technologies, with 100+ issued and pending patents. The company combines ultra-secure ­file storage with crystal-clear document viewing via its unique VisiDoc™ technology and powerful signing/editing and sharing features, within a super-affordable cloud service made possible by their advanced SurCloud™ technology.

Surdoc Apps
Auto-Backup client for Windows and Mac OS X. Once installed, a folder is created which you can drag 'n' drop files to upload. Apps for Android and iOS also available. Surdoc supports web upload too, so you can access Surdor from any computer or mobile devices.
Register and get 100 FB storage for free at: Surdoc Free (includes support for free user). Enjoy.