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What Happened In The Year Or On The Day You Were Born?

Find out what happened on the day, in the year and in the decade you were born.

What were the important world events, the award winners, the technology changes etc in the year you were born?

what happened on my birthday

1. Have you ever wondered what events happened on your birthday? Do you share a birthday with someone famous? It's easy to find out! Find out what happened on your birthday at: Netscape - My Birthday

netscape my birthday

2. What were the headlines, the award winners, the population figures and many more.  Check it out here: Infoplease - MyBirthyear
infoplease mybirthyear

3. Find out the details of events, news, prices, pop culture and much more in the year you were born.  Each Decade also includes money and inflation, and many other prices including links to pages dedicated to homes, cars, technology, fashion etc. for that specific decade. ThePeopleHistory - My Birthyear and decade

the people history screenshot

4. This one is the most interesting: Find out who won the Nobel Prize, who won the Oscar, which songs topped the chart, the popular shows on TV, technology changes, important world event and so on. With scrolling data and commentary,  it's fun. Enter your birth year and press the button. Whathappened - Mybirthyear
whathappenedinmybirthyear screenshot

5. Suggested by a reader: This is a good one, it's more visual.  Find out the historical events, he most popular movies, books and songs; magazine covers etc. Visit: Takemeback - My Birthyear

Takemyback - My Birthyear screenshot

I hope you enjoy that. Thank you.