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Get 50 GB Cloud Storage For Free.

Megaupload successor, Mega is a secure cloud drive which provides 50 GB of space for free.

MEGA is a secure cloud storage and electronic collaboration/communication service. It offers free and paid Internet-accessible storage space and bandwidth. It allows you to store and access your files from within your web browser or through dedicated client applications.

You can share any sub-tree of your cloud drive with friends, family or coworkers. Invitation is by e-mail address. Invitees who do not have an account yet will receive an e-mail notification with a signup link. Alternatively, you can create a public link to any of your folders and export the folder-specific crypto key, making it accessible without a MEGA account.


It's really massive free storage space. 25 times more than Dropbox. 7 times more than Skydrive.
Mega is still under beta. Get it for free now. (Update: 16/9/2014 The beta period is over. Free membership is not available anymore) Go to Mega Cloud Storage and look for free membership link at the bottom.