Get Awesome Audio Performance With This Software For Windows

Get this free audio performance software to get awesome sound from your PC.

The Bongiovi DPS Sound makes your music, movies and video games come alive

Bongjovi DPS Sound works as a virtual sound card for your computer, works with your hardware sound driver seamlessly to give you awesome sound from your PC, be it using media player, apps or VOIPs.

What I like about Bongjovi DPS Sound is that it system-wide application and so you get impressive sound coming from your PC be it while using media player, apps, VOIP or watching video on Youtube.

Previously there is no free version Bongiovi DPS Sound available although you can get free trial but recently the developer make it available for free. It is a free version but there is only a tiny difference from the paid version. I supposed there are more features coming for the paid version. For now. download free Bongiovi and enjoy the awesome sound and music  coming from your PC. Note that the free version is available until January 2017 so go download soon..

Features Highlights Bongjovi DPS Sound

Care for your hearing: Interesting feature is DPS H.E.A.R.,  an application of the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology that allows for clear, satisfying sound at healthier volume levels. Because of the unique way DPS processes loudness and frequency information, headphones or ear buds do not need to be turned up as loud for an enjoyable listening experience.
This a a unique technology feature with Bongiovi that I love that I can't find with any other audio enhancing software especially I use headphone a lot.

Bass and Treble
 – These easy-to-use bass and treble controls allow you to create the tone that is perfect for you. Click and drag the circle up or down to increase or decrease the effect.
If you are using the PRO version  you may also move the circle left and right to change the Bass and Treble frequency for even more customization.

Experince awesome sound from your computer now with this audio enhancing software.  For more info amd to download Bongiovi for free, visit official site at: free Bongiovi SPS sound 
Available for Windows (support Windows 10) and Mac.

Rip Blu-ray And Copy To DVD Software

Get lifetime licensed copy of Sothink Blu-ray Copy for free (normal price $46.99) to copy and rip all Blu-rays.

free Blu-ray Copy download

What is Sothink Blu-ray Copy for?

blu-ray copy free giveaway
Sothink Blu-ray Copy is an all-inclusive Blu-ray copy software that copies all kinds of Blu-rays to blank Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD discs, or onto computer HDDs as ISO files or folders. It has 5 copy modes, Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn and Merge. Customers can choose whatever that meets their requirements. The most eye-catching features are its compatibility with 3D Blu-rays, which lets users to output 3D Blu-rays to genuine 3D format, Side-by-Side 3D format, even to regular 2D format, and BD shrink which can not only copy BD 50 to BD 50, BD 25 to BD 25, but also shrink the large-size BD 50 to much smaller size BD 25, and vice versa.

How to get Blue-ray for free?

Visit this page Blu-ray Copy Giveaway and click the Get Giveaway Version button. You will get a lifetime licensed copy with full features without limits. Note: NO free upgrade. 

Also, you stand a chance to win a lifetime Blue-ray Copy free upgrade by submitting your email (10 copies giveaway per day). 

Blu-ray Copy System Requirements
Operating SystemMicrosoft® Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor (CPU)Core 2 Quad and above
RAM2GB or above recommended
Free Hard Disk Space100GB or above
Graphic CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or above
OthersRecordable Blu-ray drive, Internet Connection, a Blu-ray burner
Burning Speeds (BD)1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 14x, 16x, 18x, 20x, 22x, 24x

100 GB Free Backup By Deego

Get 100 GB Deego Free Secure Backup

We encrypt all your files using military grade encryption and store multiple copies of each file. It doesn't get more secure than that! Your files are always ready to be recovered at anytime, from anywhere.

Never Think About Backup. Choose your important files and we take care of the rest.  Power off your computer and Degoo will resume your backup once powered on again. We detect any changes you make to your files and make sure your backup is always up to date.

Degoo is free, secure and simple.
Everyone needs backup. With Degoo you securely backup all your photos and other files that means a lot to you. We split, encrypt and securely store your files at more than 300 different places around the world. This protects them from even a nuclear bomb. Collect your space and get started with your backup within minutes. Your files are always ready to be downloaded at anytime, from anywhere.

Common Questions

How do I get free backup? By creating a free account. You get 100 GB backup space for free. You can also upgrade to Premium and get 2000 GB backup space and more.

Is Degoo secure?
Yes. We encrypt using 128-bit AES before splitting all backed up files into tiny encrypted pieces and spreading them across the globe.

Is Degoo reliable?
Yes. We store multiple copies of each file, to make sure it's always there when you need it. We're using Google's and Amazon's ultra secure data centers to store your files.

How can Degoo be free?
We've developed a new compression which enables us to store data at a much lower cost than our competitors. We're what Pied Piper had become if Hooli hadn't sued them. Previously we used to store the files using a P2P storage system but our efficient compression lowered the data usage enough to allow us use server storage instead.

It's like Dropbox, but not at all!
Degoo and Dropbox differ in several ways. Degoo is purely focused on backup and Dropbox is a more complex product with features like file syncing and file sharing. Focusing solely on backup enables us to create a truly awesome backup experience without any compromises. For instance:
It drastically reduces our server costs, which is why we can offer so much more space for free.You get up to 100 GB of free backup with Degoo compared to Dropbox where you start of with 2 GB. With Degoo you can select to backup as many folders as you like and you're not obligated to use a particular folder for your backup. You can even choose to backup your entire hard drive! With Dropbox you need to move all your stuff you want to sync or share to a specific "Dropbox folder".You don't have to worry about any bugs any the syncing causing data corruption. This is not just a theoretical issue. It happens from time to time with all services that offer both file syncing and backup in the same solution: We compress your data more efficiently and therefore use less of your bandwidth.
100 GB free storage

How to get 100 GB Free Backup By Deego

Visit Deego and create your Deego account. You will be logged-in automatically and prompt to download the PC software automatically. Alternatively you can create Deego account at Deego 103 GB to get 103 GB free backup.
You can get the Degoo app for Android at: Deego app for Android
Deego free backup
You can add more storage for free by inviting your friends to use Degoo. You will get 3 GB for each friend with 500 GB maximum limit.

Free O&O Defrag 18 Professional Edition

O&O Defrag 18 Professional Edition for free promo.

Defrag your hard drive quickly and effectively with easy to use O&O Defrag. O&O Defrag includes a clever scheduling function, which allows you to schedule regular automated defragmentations if you wish. In addition, the permanent and automatic optimization in the background is key to prevent a loss in performance of your computer as well as a renewed fragmentation. This will allow you to save time compared to running a manual defragmentation.

O&O Defrag Professional Edition

O&O Defrag 18:  Features at a glance

Besides the continuous maintenance and enhancement of the existing program components, you will find several additional new and helpful features in O&O Defrag 18.

Thanks to clearly displayed statistics, you can tell what effect a regular defragmentation is having on your system and you can track the success over weeks and months.You can monitor how many files have been optimized and how many excess file fragments have been put back together.Based on this, you can then adjust your settings to match the defragmentation to your computer habits in order to get the best possible results.

Defragmentation summary
The new defragmentation summary shows the difference a defragmentation makes; after each defragmentation run you will be shown the drive's allocation before and after optimization by O&O Defrag.

Simplified user interface
The user control was adapted to the most frequent application cases, so that the most important jobs will be executed intuitively. All basic control possibilities, as well as the unique functions of O&O Defrag can be accessed with just one click.

QuickStart wizard of O&O Defrag
The QuickStart wizard allows you to automate defragmentation with just a few mouse clicks right after the first start of O&O Defrag or at a later time. Once defined, you will never have to worry about the optimization of your hard disk again. Everything will be handled by O&O Defrag in the background. The default settings we propose are adapted to the needs of most our customers.

O&O ActivityMonitor
The O&O ActivityMonitor periodically determines the system load. It controls the performance demand of O&O Defrag during a defragmentation and adapts it to the current state. You can thereby work undisturbed while your system is being defragmented in the background.

Automatic optimization
Thanks to the automatic optimization in O&O Defrag, there is no need to manually schedule defragmentation runs. This feature is activated automatically after installation and optimizes your hard disk in the background; without your computer losing any of its performance.

Advanced report management
The report function lists the defragmentation reports in date order and groups them according to their age. In that way, you will always stay informed on the performance development of your computer over time.

Optimization for all makes of Solid State Drives (SSDs)
For the first time, O&O Defrag enables you to optimize all makes of SSD drives. Using regularly scheduled ATA TRIM commands, an SSD will be kept informed of those hard disk areas that are available for new data. Instead of continuing to save the contents of data that’s no longer needed, the SSD can now use those freed areas for a drive-internal optimization of its data management. As a result, the SSD is able to process accesses significantly faster, and wear out on flash chips is kept to a minimum.

Filing drives into zones
The division of drives into zones enables the logical separation of the data into performance critical and non-critical files. A special algorithm makes sure that the data on the disk is optimally organized after defragmentation. Files are organized and moved into zones depending on their intended use and the access frequency. For instance, system and program files, which need to be accessed very quickly, are separated from other data like documents and downloads. By the division of files according to their write frequency, it’s possible to intelligently prevent fragmentation. Thanks to this logical grouping, program and system start times are shortened, future defragmentation runs faster, and new fragmentation can be prevented.

Three adapted optimized methods for defragmentation
Three methods - Optimize, Optimize/Quick and Optimize/Complete - facilitate the selection of the most beneficial defragmentation for a specific purpose. These new methods group your data into zones and combine optimally with the older O&O Defrag methods. These are, of course, still available whenever you disable zone filing.

Additional strategies to reduce fragmentation
Very large files with high-levels of fragmentation can also be efficiently packed together into a few fragments. The result is clearly measurable.

Further properties
l Default configuration already optimal for the majority of users
l File Status provides an overview of the largest and most heavily fragmented files on your drive
l Defragmentation of individual files and folders by right-clicking
l Control O&O Defrag from the task bar
l Three new (eight in total) defragmentation methods for an optimal increase in speed
l ClusterView for detailed information on the distribution of files in the drives
l O&O Screensaver
l Power management for notebooks
l O&O ClusterInspector for targeted inspection of hard disk regions
l Job assistant to schedule automatic and periodic defragmentations
l Status reports in HTML format to keep track of developments in performance
l Support of removable drives (USB Sticks, Memory Cards, etc.)
l Execution of Windows commands (Batches) before and after defragmentation
l Screen saver mode automates defragmentation whenever the computer is idle
l Checks for new program versions

free O&O Defrag Professional

How to get O&O Defrag 18 Professional Edition for free

1. Visit  O&O Defrag 19 Professional promo and enter the details.
2. Check your email for the registration info and download link. 

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 6 Months Free Activation Code Promo

Don't miss this. Get this 6 month Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 license promotion special worth $29.98 before it's over. Secure your PC against virus, malware and cyber-threat without comprimising performance. 

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 is the most powerful internet security software today. It builds on technology awarded PRODUCT OF THE YEAR and uses machine-learning to fight off cyber-threats without impacting your device’s performance. It automatically takes the best security decisions for you, including securing your data, online payments and privacy. It also prevents unauthorized access to your private information with a two-way Firewall and discreetly guards your children online.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Features

Zero Performance Impact
Bitdefender Photon™ ensures your device run at the same speed, even during scanning.Bitdefender Photon™ keeps Bitdefender at #1 in performance tests.

Bank Online Without Worries
Make online transactions from a unique, dedicated browser, that secured your accounts from fraud. Bitdefender Safepay™ can now also automatically fill credit card details in billing fields.

This is a unique feature of Bitdefender. Its  dedicate browser called Bitdefender Safepay  helps to secure your online transaction.

Bitdefender OneClick Security™
Antivirus and Anti-spyware. Bitdefender Autopilot™
No Impact on Performance. Bitdefender Photon™
Movies, Work, Games Profiles

Startup Optimizer 
Quick Vulnerability Scanner
PC Tune-Up. OneClick Optimizer NEW

Safe Online Banking and Shopping ENHANCED
Wallet. One-Step Payments ENHANCED
Security Report
Secure Browsing. Privacy Protection.
Two-Way Firewall
Parental Control
lCloud Antispam
Silent internet security software, enhanced with Firewall and Parental Control. Best Protection for three years straight. Imperceptible. Best for system speed (AV- TEST). Extremely easy to use.

free Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 activation code

How to get Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 free activation code.

1. Visit Bitdefender Internet Security Promo Page at: Bitdefender Promo
2. Fill in your email and click the 'Get Your Activation Code'.
3. Check your email for Bitdefender Internet Security activation code and the download link.
4. Install and activate the license key within 30 days or your key will be invalid.

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7(SP1), Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 10
CPU: Dual Core 1.6 GHz processor
Memory (RAM): 1 GB
Available free hard disk space: 1 GB free space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)

PearlMountain Image Converter For Free Promo

free image convertor
Get PearlMountain Image Converter for free with this promo. Normal price $29.90

PearlMountain Image Converter is an all-in-one image manipulation software with batch processing feature, making it faster to convert, resize, rotate, add watermark and crop hundreds of images with just a few clicks. 

An Automatic, Fast, and Easy to Use Batch Image Converter 

Convert hundreds of images at a time with just a few mouse clicks and with super high speed, support for multi-core processing.
Convert multiple image files from different formats to desired format in one time with a few mouse clicks.  Supports the most popular image formats: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, TGA, and PSD, and almost all image formats. 
Resize image for any different use, such as for Web, e-mail, photo printing, Facebook, MySpace, mobile phone, etc.
Add and customize watermark to images.
Batch rename your images at will.
Adjust image brightness, contrast and saturation in batch to make your images more special.
Preview the new image as setting is adjusted.
Provides some parameters adjustments for each format.
Free to rotate images.
Apply border to images.
Photo crop is also available for you to remove unwanted areas.
More info and tutorials at: Pearlmountain Image Convertor Tutorial

free Pearlmountain image convertor

Here is how to get PearlMountain Image Converter for free

1. Download and install the full installer for Windows :  Download Pearlmountain Image Converter
Version: 1.2.8  Compatibility: Win 10/8/7/2000/XP/Vista

2. Use the promo registration code below  to register
Pearlmountain Image Converter promo code: PBAIC-0213A-001AE-021DB-0010D

Photomatix Essential Free Full Download

The license cost is $39 but for you can get free Photomatix Essentials 4 with this promo. 

Create stunning photographs of high contrast scenes.
Photomatix Essentials is particularly easy to use and intended for photographers new to HDR.

examples of Photomatix

Photomatix Essentials Features:

Standalone Program + Plugin for Photoshop Elements (works with Photoshop CS/CC too)
Easy-to-use program to create HDR photos and adjust them to get the look you want, from natural to artistic, using one-click presets and basic settings.
Merge to HDR, Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion.
Automatic Alignment of hand-held photos
Automatic Ghost Removal
Simplified interface for an easy introduction to HDR Photography

free Photomatix download

How To Get Free Photomatix Essentials 4 Full Download:

1. Visit Photomatix promo page at: Photomatix Essentials
2. Enter the access code: pphdr2015 and submit.
3. You will be redirected to the download page.

Photomatix Essentials download availabe for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / Mac OS X v10.6 through v10.11